***On the same day as the Level 1 Umpire Course below, Netball Victoria will be holding a FOUNDATION COACHING course for new coaches (also at Flora Hill stadium). Times to be notified shortly. BSNA has approximately 6 places available - first in first served. If you are interested, please contact Melissa Ryan on 0457 859550 or netball@bendigofnl.com.au

***Also coming up - a DEVELOPMENT COACHING COURSE on June 16th at Flora Hill stadium, which will be heavily subsidised by Netball Vic to keep costs down to $20 per participant. Further details shortly.

Please note - a BSNA Level 1 Umpire Course is being held on the Sunday 26th May - details below for anyone interested. Cost is $20.

COURSE TYPE: Level 1 Umpires Course

DATE: Sunday 26/5/2013

TIME: 8.30am - 12.30pm

VENUE: Flora Hill Stadium

PRESENTER: Joel Owen, 0411 014 278

You can register for the course via the Netball Victoria website - all applications MUST be received by Netball Victoria by the nominated closing date. Further enquiries via our Umpire's Coordinator Heather Abdy on 0400 170468 or hkabdy@bigpond.com


There were some great tussles in the Bendigo Strathdale grand finals for 2012, with many results going down to the wire.

In the Section 1 grand final, the young Sandhurst Flames team came from several goals down in the last quarter to snatch a thrilling 1 goal victory over Zodiacs Starz in a fantastic game.

In  Section 2, Victory Warriors continued their year-long improvement to defeat Strath Tornado in what was another closely fought battle. Section 3A pitched the two young Sandhurst teams against each other, with Sandhurst Fire eventually beating Sandhurst Furies by 3 goals.

Zodiacs teams took off the Section 3B, Section 4 and 13/U B titles as anticipated, but the turn up of the day was Falcons Gold's great victory over Zodiacs Phoenix in Section 13/U A.

In Grade 6, St Francis Sapphires continued their year-long dominance, with a strong victory over Zodiacs Joeys, and Strath Flash were too strong for Kennington Spirits in Grade 6B.

A summary of results are shown below.



Section 1

1 v 2: Sandhurst Flames 30 lt Zodiacs Starz 45
3 v 4: South Bendigo 51 def Zodiacs Capricorn 28

Section 2

1 v 2: Zodiacs Galaxy 28 lt Strath Tornado 31
3 v 4: Victory Warriors 45 def Zodiacs Pisces 31

Section 3A

1 v 2: Sandhurst Fire 29 lt Sandhurst Furies 39
3 v 4: Zodiacs Mercury 32 def BSE Bobcats 20

Section 3B

1 v 2: Zodiacs Supernova 19 lt Zodiacs Aries 31
3 v 4: Strath Thunder 25 def Zodiacs Aquarius 18

Section 4

1 v 2: Zodiacs Taurus 10 lt Zodiacs Neptune 27
3 v 4: BSE Clovers 21 def Zodiacs Saturn 19

13/U A

1 v 2: Zodiacs Phoenix 35 def Zodiacs Electra 28
3 v 4: Falcons Gold 26 def Zodiacs Astros 24

13/U B

1 v 2: Zodiacs Sagittarius 19 lt Zodiacs Jupiter 21
3 v 4: Strath Hail 20 def Falcons Blue 14

Grade 6A

1 v 2: St Francis Sapphires 35 def Kennington Storm 13
3 v 4: Zodiacs Joeys 36 def Strath Lightning 13

Grade 6B

1 v 2: Strath Flash 22 def Holy Rosary Blue 18
3 v 4: Kennington Spirits 24 def Quarry Hill Monkeys 9


Section 1: Sandhurst Flames 41 def South Bendigo 36

Section 2: Zodiacs Galaxy 28 lt Victory Warriors 35

Section 3A: Sandhurst Fire 41 def Zodiacs Mercury 14

Section 3B: Zodiacs Supernova 34 def Strath Thunder 28

Section 4: Zodiacs Taurus 17 def BSE Clovers 16

13/U A: Zodiacs Electra 31 lt Falcons Gold 32

13/U B: Zodiacs Sagittarius 18 lt Strath Hail 21

Grade 6A: Kennington Storm 21 lt Zodiacs Joeys 37

Grade 6B: Holy Rosary Blue 15 lt Kennington Spirits 18

GRAND FINALS (15/9/2012):

Section 1: Zodiacs Starz 38 lt Sandhurst Flames 39

Section 2: Strath Tornado 32 lt Victory Warriors 38

Section 3A: Sandhurst Furies 29 lt Sandhurst Fire 32

Section 3B: Zodiacs Aries 24 def Zodiacs Supernova 19

Section 4: Zodiacs Neptune 15 def Zodiacs Taurus 13

13/U A: Zodiacs Phoenix 21 lt Falcons Gold 25

13/U B: Zodiacs Jupiter 17 def Strath Hail 11

Grade 6A: St Francis Sapphires 43 def Zodiacs Joeys 16

Grade 6B: Strath Flash 19 def Kennington Spirits 16

Congratulations everyone on a great season. Don't forget Twilight netball for those interested.


  Netball Victoria

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